Petrol prices reach record high

In addition, the motoring body RAC has reported that the average prices for both petrol and diesel had increased each and every day since 22 April, adding an extra 8p a litre during this time, equating to the longest sustained increase that has been recorded since March 2015.  This has come as a surprise, due…

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How to choose a used car

Choosing a used car may seem like a bit of a minefield if you are unsure exactly how to go about it and it is your first time not buying a brand new vehicle, especially when it comes to being able to find out the car’s actual history. However, choosing correctly and getting a top…

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Signs you need to change car insurance

Signs you need to change car insurance Perhaps it is time for renewal on your car insurance, and your starting to reconsider your choices. It is important to remember that it isn’t always the case that you are getting the very best deal by simply signing up for auto-renewal, in fact, it could end up…

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What is An Insurance Write-Off?

What is an insurance write-off? The very first assumption you make when you hear that a car has been written-off is that the car has been involved in a major road accident, and it is now so damaged that it is only fit for the scrap and therefore beyond repair. However, when a car is…

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How to Save Petrol On Your Vehicle

How to Save Petrol On Your Vehicle Buying a car is a considerable investment, and all the costs associated with running a car, whether it be insurance, maintenance and of course, fuel all add to make owning a car a costly affair. This is especially the case when it comes to fluctuating fuel prices. Earlier…

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How to: Save Money on Your Car

The cost of owning a car by no means stops at the completion of the sale. Cars are notably expensive to run, and can even more expensive to maintain. Shelling out on insurance, servicing and MOT costs, on fuel and on parking can far exceed the initial purchase of the car itself.

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